Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger Version 0.8.288 Free

Yahoo's software program for instant messaging, chatting, sending SMS messages, and placing video calls

Yahoo fans will not easily give up Yahoo Messenger regardless of the abundance of alternatives popping out over recent years.
This instant messaging software program is not young anymore, but it continues to be popular despite of expanding competition by alternatives such as Facebook, Google's Hangout, etc.
Yahoo's chatting software program, also available in a mobile version, enables users, as one would expect of a chatting software program, to place video calls, send instant messages, send text messages (SMS messages), and even transfer files between users.
It offers many features, including emoticons (smiley and other icons that can give some color to a chat conversation), and good connectivity to Facebook or Yahoo contacts.
Besides downloading Yahoo Messenger to your PC or smartphone, you can use Yahoo mail to directly chat with friends without having to install the software program, although, many users find that unlike Facebook for example, they don’t need their mail to be constantly open, and that it's easier chatting with friends while using a separate software program.
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